making new friends

It’s hard to make friend late in life. Sometimes, you get comfortable and don’t make much of an effort anymore. You have your friends from college and work, from the activities your kids are involved in, and their school(s). Traveling opens a whole new world of opportunities, if you are brave enough to introduce yourself to new people.

We are brave. We try to make new friends, wherever we go! Sometime, we even luck out and meet the wives of people we had a class with our freshman year of college….many, many moons ago!

Sophia with S. and J.
Sophia and N. at Oakmont Park
D. and Gabriel & Sophia

For those of you brave souls who strike up a conversation with other parents at the park, thank you. It’s hard enough raising kids and spending your whole day with kids without adult conversation. Let alone, finding others who you have something in common with. And if you don’t have anything in common other than your kids, sometimes that’s enough.

It’s good to stretch beyond your comfort zone and see what you can do. You might even surprise yourself and make a new friend in the bargain!


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