a baby girl retro flowers quilt

For my friend Amy’s baby girl’s quilt, I wanted to branch out from my usual style of quilting. I decided to make a modified retro flowers quilt by the sometimes crafter, using a palette of colors inspired by the bedding Amy and her husband selected.  I ordered all the tools needed to make curves (the curved sewing foot, which I never managed to get to work for me…and the templates). I played around with fabric choices until I was happy and sent away fro the fabrics from Alewives Fabrics. Once they arrived, I got to work.

And this was a labor of love. Curved pieces are so much tougher that simple squares or rectangles. It took 8 pieces to make one petal, with four petals in a block. And none of my petals lined up correctly, no matter how many times I resewed them. I decided not to worry about that and just sew happy thoughts into this quilt. Thoughts of a little girl having an oasis in a sea of legos that her two older brothers will have around. Rolling and discovery little toys. Happy thoughts that a new little baby brings.

this fabric is my favorite!


Before I knew it, I completed all nine blocks (I modified the pattern by not doing sixteen blocks in order to have the quilt fit a crib). A friend helped select the back material – I had two floral patterned twin-sized sheets from the thrift store in mind…and then got to work sewing the quilt together. I outlined each petal of the flower. I rather like how it turned out in the end. I hope Baby Girl does too!


One thought on “a baby girl retro flowers quilt

  1. Amy

    I love this quilt SO much! It is just beautiful – I love the colors and design – but most of all you can absolutely feel how much work and LOVE went into this quilt! I cried when I saw it, and cried some more when I called to thank Pamela for making this for our Baby Girl 🙂 Love and miss you, my friend!

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