Autumn Airstream Adventure

It’s time to hit the road for our Autumn 2012 Airstream Adventure! We’re heading up the coast, through California, Oregon, and Washington. We may even go to Canada!

Our first stop is in Phoenix. We’re visiting my parents, and dropping off our cat Caroline. It’s so nice of them to take care of her while we’re gone! We had thought we might not get to see them, due to some trailer part delays, but it will work out in the end.

It’s going to take six days of driving to get to our first long-term spot. We’ll do three days of long drives, and then take a day off. We’re mostly heading up the 101, along the coast of California. Then it’s back on the road for another three days of driving to our destination: Eugene, Oregon.

After our three weeks in Eugene, we’re heading up to the Olympic National Park area. Twilight fans, prepare to be jealous – we’re staying in La Push! Of course, my husband reminds me that Twilight is not the reason for visiting this area…oh yes, of course dear… We plan on visiting many of the beaches around La Push, the area around Forks, and of course, Olympic National Park. It’s quite a vast place and we’re staying in two different locations to best visit the area. We also plan on taking a ferry over to Vancouver Island for a day trip.

After visiting the National Park area, we’re heading to Seattle. We’re staying between Seattle and Tacoma. There’s lots to see and do in Seattle, plus great friends to catch up with! I’m hoping we manage to squeeze everything in!

After Seattle, we’re heading to Portland. We’re staying south of the city in a small rv park right on the Tualatin River. We’re staying here through Halloween.

After Portland, we’re going to make our way back home. We don’t have that portion of the trip planned yet, but we plan to take our time and visit areas we missed on the drive up the coast. I know we want to stay in the redwoods of California for a bit and visit the Oregon coast.  I’d love to spend another day or two in San Francisco with the kids… as the saying goes: “the world is our oyster”…and it really is just waiting to be explored!



2 thoughts on “Autumn Airstream Adventure

  1. Trinka

    I’m so jealous! I want to go to La Push! The whole area looks beautiful. We got close when we were up visiting Aaron’s sister in the Seattle area, but I couldn’t convince everyone to make the trip with me :). Hope y’all have fun!

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