In preparation

We’re getting ready for the longer airstream adventure that will take us all along the west coast up through the Pacific northwest. Yup, we’re heading to Eugene, Portland, and Seattle, with many stops along the way. In two weeks…YIKES! There’s lots to do still…

My parents came for a very LONG day to help us out. Dad and Jon worked endlessly on the trailer. We now have a futon bed installed in our sleeping quarters that I can pull out one-handed. No more moving all the cushions off and lifting a rather heavy piece of plywood. So simple. We are reusing our old cushions (very comfy) instead of the futon mattress (rather skimpy), which requires me to sew a new cover over one of them. The bed is smaller than previously, but it will be comfortable and easy to make. And there’s room to walk by it to get to the bathroom – hurray! Not only that, but there is more storage underneath as a result.

Dad and Jon also fixed a leak in the shower drain in the trailer, fixed the water pressure in the house (no more rattling pipes!), and made a firewood rack addition to the truck rack.

Inside, we made a cool fort for Sophia using the box the futon came in…she rather like that it required lots of coloring! Gabriel practiced rolling over all day long…


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