crafty things

I’ve got a few projects in the works that I am really excited about right now. A baby quilt using the most complicated pattern I’ve ever used. Lots  and lots of cutting, but I am so excited about this project! Can’t wait to sew it!




It’s been really hard to find the time to sew, taking care of two children…it took most of last week to cut the fabric and then do this first block.This block isn’t perfectly or spaced properly, but I’m running on little sleep (trying to sleep-train Gabe), almost no time for myself, and a much more difficult pattern to follow that I usually attempt. Plus, I’m modifying the pattern so I only need to make 9 blocks, instead of the sixteen the pattern calls for…

I tried out my curved sewing foot to sew the curved, but it just didn’t work out. I need some more time to play with it, but when I get 15 minutes here and there to sew, there’s not a whole lot of time to “play around”. I’ll stick with my pin and regular-machine technique for now.

We also need new curtains with blackout material for the front of the airstream. Most needed – especially since we’re heading back out on a long trip at the end of the month!

I managed to find more of this fabric at Jo-Ann’s on major sale. Lucky me!

This felt is intended for felt baby shoes, some to give as gifts and some for Gabriel. There’s sewing machine work and hand sewing involved. Provided I can get the sewing machine part done before we leave, this will be a nice travel project. Not that I manage to do any crafting on our last trip, but I plan to make sure I do on the next one!

I have a couple of crib sheets to make (so simple!). I’d also like to make a lovely new dress by Anna Maria Horner, if I have time. I think it’s time for Sophia to get a new mama-made dress. And Gabriel still needs some quick-change pants! But now in the larger size!

Time to get crafting!


One thought on “crafty things

  1. Trinka

    So fun! I love all of your fabrics! I love that new Anna Maria Horner dress too… I was thinking about trying it out for a family photo session after Josie’s born, but it’s just too ambitious for me at this point!

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