Last month, we hit a couple of milestones. Sophia turned 3 years old.  Gabriel turned three months old. What a difference!

Sophia at 3 years: what comes to mind is just how independent she can be (but does not always choose to be). She likes to do many things herself (which we encourage)…and then there are the times she just keeps say “I can’t“.  Since we know she can, we either have to encourage her to do it one step at a time until she gets whatever it is accomplished, or do it for her eventually. After reading this article, I’m now more inclined to just have her do herself, even if it means she won’t finish her dinner.

Sophia can be very loving or very obstinate, sometimes with minutes of each other. It’s interesting to see how she continues to grow each day, even if some days are frustrating for me. A gal at the store referred to 3 years old as the “thrashing threes”.  I agree – I feel  thrashed by Sophia’s swinging emotions daily – or, many times a day, in some cases. I know she’s trying to figure out appropriate responses to actions or words, but man. The obstinate behavior, not listening, back talk – all lead me to be very frustrated and it’s hard to control my limited patience with juggling so many things. I’m trying to be consistent in how I respond, but sometimes I just react. And regret it. And feel thrashed, indeed.

On a more positive note, Sophia loves her baby brother. Just adores him. That is so wonderful to see them together. It does surprise me how quickly she can go from misbehaving to totally loving in seconds.

Sophia loves her friends, be it her long-time friends or people we’ve just met that day. She’s a very friendly girl, but does get shy sometimes.  She still loves to dress-up (and does so many times a day), but now she’s telling more elaborate stories about what she’s doing as the princess or who’s doing what (those imaginary friends). It’s quite fun to listen to her!

Sophia’s 3 year old stats: 40 inches tall (in the 96%) and 36 pounds.

Gabriel is just adorable. Such sweet smiles, loved to cuddle, eats like a there is no tomorrow. He’s holding his head up quite well and has progressed to these whole body lifts. He lifts his head and feet (quite high!) or arches his back. And he’s rolling side to side. He rolled over a few times, but I don’t think he liked it very much! He likes to grab on to everything: toys, blankets, my hair, Sophia’s hair – and into the mouth it goes! He loves his hands the best! He smiles at strangers, but sometime they do scary him. But a minute or two of soothing and he’s back to the smiling little guy we’ve come to love so much!

sophia loves to read books, especially to her brother

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