San Francisco

I love San Francisco and really hope that as the kids get older, they appreciate the city as much as I do! Our first day found us navigating to the BART station near our RV park and taking a train in to the city. We hopped off at Powell Street to buy MUNI passes for Jon and me (kids are free!) and hopped on the F trolley. Sophia was in heaven! First a train and then a trolley. We disembarked up at Fisherman’s Wharf to take a bay cruise – something we’ve never  done before! The cruise was a great way to see the sights of the city by sea. It was a bit windy, but we saw lots of dolphins and maybe a whale (a small one, I think).

I always forget how cold California is in the summer. We had visit a couple of thrift stores during our travels to get more pants for Sophia and sweaters for Jon and me. Gabriel had plenty of warm and cold weather clothes!

trying the oyster!

After the cruise, the small people slept while we walked over to Ghiradelli Square to get some much needed chocolate! Jon is still berating me (jokingly) for not buying the enormous (80+ count) bag of chocolates – we just didn’t have the room in the stroller or our backpacks, so I only bought the 50…

We headed back on the F trolley to the Ferry Building for lunch. After buying a couple of loaves of bread from Acme and one small selection of cheese from Cowgirl Creamery (the gal didn’t know what to make of us – only buying one cheese! Me either, if I’m honest – I usually walk away with a minimum of three…), we took our finds over to Hog Island Oyster Company, where Sophia tried her first oyster! She didn’t like, but we sure did! After lunch, we decided on some gelato from Ciao Bella Gelato – it was Sophia’s third birthday after all! After all those yummy treats, we went over to a large grassy area across the street to run Sophia around (and get some of that sugar out of her before heading back home on the BART).  We had dinner that night at one of our “local” italian restaurants – Viva Italiano-  and headed home to open some presents and watch the sunset. The sunset was unbelievably amazing and the ballerina dress was a hit!

The next day we took the BART into the city again, with plans to visit Coit Tower aka the princess tower. I know it’s not really a princess tower, but that’s how we were trying to sell it to Sophia, who only wanted to play at the playground at Washington Square.  After walking down from Telegraph Hill (peering into the beauitfy homes as we walked!), we decided to eat at the Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe near Washington Square (Sophia was asleep). We each had a delicious curry. After Sophia woke up, she got her wish – to play on the playground. In hindsight, we should have just let her play on the playground first thing. We wanted to walk through Chinatown, but given how the morning had gone and our evening plans, we settled for a crowded bus ride back to the BART. Next time, we will get to Chinatown with the kids! We made our way home a bit early, knowing we were heading south to Menlo Park to see friends that night.

Coit Tower views
Coit Tower views

After a nice bit of playground time for Sophia and a shower for Jon and me, we drove to Menlo Park to see Sarah, David, and Ivan at their new home – we hadn’t seen them since our wedding six years ago! Sarah made a wonderful pasta dish and even grilled peaches for dessert. Sophia enjoyed playing with all of Ivan’s toys (although he is 12 now and wasn’t too interested in playing with a 3 year old!) It was great to catch up!

After two full days in the city, we were ready for a break. After picking up some amazing breakfast treats from our “local” bakery – Mazzetti’s  (seriously the best croissants I’ve had in the US and muffins with mile-high frosting too), we headed a few miles south from our RV park to Pacifica State Beach (Lucy too for a change!) Such a gorgeous beach! Sophia played in the sand and water and with other kids (and we even borrowed a Grandma for her to build castles with!) Gabriel ate and slept. Jon napped and I managed to sit, drink some wine, read a book, and watch the pod of dolphins in the cover go back and forth all afternoon. Pure bliss.


We left in the afternoon when it was getting cold and cloudy. We decided to order chinese from Tam’s Cuisine of Chinese – such a great seafood stir fry! Sophia enjoyed her chicken and fried rice… What a nice relaxing end to our San Francisco trip! The next morning we were off for Napa!


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