trailer troubles & the town of Julian

As usual in our airstream adventures, we had some trailer hiccups. Before we left town, our rear tail light had fallen off the trailer, but was still attached with the wires. If we had lost that, we would have had a rough time!

julian (20)

Then we noticed a leak the next morning. Our black water tank, yup the one that hold the smelly stuff, had a major leak in it. Jon and Dad spent one day draining it (unfortunately, it wasn’t quite drained and went all over Dad), patching the hole, and fixing the leak. And then they fixed the tail light and the outside plug outlet we noticed didn’t work. We noticed a few ants and sprayed them inside the trailer – they were probably attracted to the moisture from the black water tank leak.

julian (17)

julian (14)

julian (7)

That night, I went to get some clothes to take a shower while everyone was at Mom’s trailer…and found a gazillion ants all over our beds. I hate ants with a passion… I threw everything outside the trailer and proceeded to spray the heck out of the trailer.  After killing everything that was small and moved, Dad and Jon double checked the trailer and sprayed some more outside where the ants were climbing the sewer pipe to get inside (again, attracted to the moisture). Luckily, I have not seen one ant inside since.

sleeping (1)

The joys of an old airstream…thank goodness my Dad, who can fix everything and has every tool known to man with him at all times, was with us. THANK YOU DAD AND MOM!!!

picnic (4)

Our next stop is Emma Woods State Beach – five days camping right on the ocean!

A few things about Julian:

The town smells like brown sugar. This is probably due to the three pie shops in town, not to mention the number of bakeries. We visited the Candied Apple Bistro and Bakery – ordered a chicken salad and chocolate bomb (which was heavenly)…only to realize that our chicken salad was missing the chicken part by the time we got back to the trailer. The owner offered to refund our money, which was great.

julian (17)

There are orchards everywhere – small and large. It would be great to be here in the autumn to harvest apples and pears!

julian (13)

The landscape is similar to Sonoita – yellow grasslands abound. But there are also pine trees, manzanita shrubs, and other leafy green trees that look similar to walnuts. It’s gorgeous here. No wonder there are a ton of vineyards (mostly small) around the area too – I really like the wine tastings here. But not all the grapes are grown here – many are brought in and blended here.


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