sewing for the airstream trip

We’re leaving for our big month-long airstream adventure with two kids and a dog… That will be quite the adventure.  But first, some sewing projects had to be completed, mostly because we had some lovely new floors installed inside the trailer. The floors really brighten up the whole space!

old yucky floor
new bamboo floors

Suddenly, I felt the need to sew new curtains…the bedroom area curtains are sewn on the blackout curtains I originally purchased to help us get a little more sleep!I used velcro on the bottom of the curtain and also on the wall – to secure the curtain to the wall and make it even darker inside. I just fell in love with the fabric print and it was on sale!

And a new poof for our outdoor area! I’m bringing more yellows and blues into this area – I’ll post some pictures of our set-up once we’re underway.

there’s even a little handle now…

I spray painted my mom’s granny cart a lovely color…and made a bag for it. It should make things easier to carry all our gear to the beach and to the farmer’s markets.

I made the bag out of painter’s drop cloth from Ace Hardware and some Anna Maria Horner fabric I had in my stash – I had just enough!


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