summer skirts

I made myself a few simple summer skirts…



The thick elastic skirts were inspired by Delia Creates – love that blog. She made herself a skirt just like this – I and Liked how she said the think elastic was ti disguise her middle section after having three babies. My middle could definitely use some camouflage!

The skirts turned out well, but Jon doesn’t like the thick elastic. Oh well – he doesn’t have to wear them! I thought he meant the white was too glaring on the brown skirt…so i dyed it using a tea-bath. I kinda like it better now… The brown skirt was a linen-lookalike on sale at Jo-Ann’s. The green skirt material is Lisette from Jo-Ann’s – on major sale.

The skirt below is a simple hidden elastic simple skirt (inspired by MADE) with pockets on the outside. The fabric is also Lisette and was purchased a few months ago when it was marked down…lucky me!

I’ve got one more simple summer skirt to make for myself before our trip…if possible. It’s also going to be a wider elastic, but only one inch wide elastic. And it’s blue!  Fun sewing for me…


2 thoughts on “summer skirts

  1. You look so great! I like the wide elastic. We need to get together after your trip so I can meet your new little one, who’s not so little anymore!

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