summer apples

Before I had a place to garden, I often dreamed of what I wanted my garden to look like. It would have formal beds for growing herbs and veggies, with a shady area for a wooden table and chairs (painted turquoise). In the center of the formal beds would be either a water feature or a fire pit. The pathways would  be lined in pea gravel and there would be a lovely picket fence around the entire garden. A garden that wouldn’t look out of place in a location that isn’t 100+ degrees in the summer – like somewhere back east.

Needless to say, my garden looks almost nothing like this now! I still have big plans for adding various elements like those I mentioned to my current garden, but it’s a work in progress. It’s hard to grow much of anything in the desert at times, especially when the wildlife eat everything in site!

My neighbor, on the other hand, has a beautifully landscaped garden (he’s a horticulturalist and works at a nursery!) We’ve been spending time at our neighbor’s while they are away (they have a POOL!). They also have an apple tree, with turquoise-painted wooden chairs and a table in pea gravel.It is so lovely…don’t you agree?

The apple tree is heavy with ripe apples right now – and we were told to help ourselves. Last weekend Jon and Sophia picked a laundry basket full, followed by a refreshing skinny dip! I made nine jars of apple pie filling and plan to cut up the rest of the apples to freeze and eventually make applesauce for the kids when we return from our July trip.

And a few more pool pictures! We’re loving the pool across the street, especially this time of year!


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