gram’s visit

My mom came to visit while Jon was away in New Mexico for a couple of days. Sophia was thrilled! Gram and Sophia played non-stop (except for when Sophia went to school). Gram, Gabriel, and I ran many errands – the thrift store, fabric store, library, cupcake bakery…yes,the bakery was necessary! We needed cupcakes! We even went swimming after dinner! It was great to have an extra pair of hands for a few days!

Jon came home Tuesday afternoon and was greeted happily by everyone!

Gram took Sophia on an overnight trip up to Phoenix for a couple of days and will return on Friday. Sophia was ready to leave at 5 am the day they left. She and Sophia will pick up GG and hang out with Auntie Sarah and Sedona. They plan on going out for pizza and swimming – lots of fun! I’m sure Sophia won’t want to come back! This will be the second time, other than when Gabriel was born, that I have been away from Sophia overnight. She’s slept in the trailer with Gram and Papa next door while we’ve camped, but that’s different! I miss my little girl!


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