while the hubby is away…

Mama may reorganize the living room! I was feeling a bit grumpy that I hadn’t had any time to sew recently, so I rearranged the living room. It started out with the intent to organize & straighten up the living room, which then morphed  in a complete layout change. It’s more cozy now, whereas before the room felt quite open. Probably more appropriate for winter-time weather, seeing how the main focus is on the fireplace…oh well. These urges hit and you have to roll with them!

as you walk into the room…
and now there is a large open area on the wall with no pictures…we’ll have to fix that!

tv is now in the corner and exposed, as opposed to hidden inside the larger cabinet

There is a lot of brown now in this room, so I added a few colorful blankets to the couches and chairs (not pictured).

I don’t love the location of the large cabinet, but there was nowhere else to put it. Unless I put it in the playroom (not with the current items inside of it!) It contains the stereo, movies, and boardgames…which would need a new home. One I do not have at the moment (although I could possibly put the stereo in the small cabinet as well…) And we’ve talked about updating our 12+ year ancient tv with a flat screen, but won’t likely do it until the end of the year.

I do play on reorganizing the playroom, adding an art cabinet, and doing other little things to make the space more usable…but probably not until we return from our July trip.

I think Jon will probably like best the fact I bought & programmed a new tv remote…no more getting up to change the channel. We only have six channels anyways, but still! If he hates the room layout, I can always change it back!


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