jamming at Amy’s

After a rough start to the morning (which began around 3:30 with everyone in the house asking for milk…well, not the cat!), we went to Amy’s house for a strawberry jam session. Sophia had a blast playing Xander and Owen. Gabriel demonstrated that he is much too big for the sling I made by attempting to slide out while I was stirring jam (don’t worry, he did NOT fall). Amy and I managed to make many jars of jam, despite interruptions, pots boiling over, a baby who only wanted to be held, and many other things. It was a fly by the seat of your pant jam-making session, as Amy put it!  Still, lots of fun!

Xander LOVES babies (he’s getting another sibling soon!) Gabriel was just hungry…
our haul!


This strawberry jam is amazingly good! I was making Sophia’s lunch last night, licked the spoon…and had to make myself a sandwich right then!


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