flying solo

Last week and this weekend were a dizzy array of preparation. Jon left this morning for a week-long trip and we had to gather supplies (food,camping items, and work-specific items) for six people.  It was a lot of work lots of shopping, and little rest. I had to prepare myself for going it alone this week with both kids, including school drop-off & pick-up. I think I can do it…my mom is coming on Sunday to visit, so we all have that to look forward to!

In addition to getting things together for Jon’s trip, I’m working on getting ready for our month-long airstream trip that starts at the end of the month. Traveling with a a newborn and a toddler…yup. Adventure!

We did sneak in some quiet moments this weekend. Jon and Sophia made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (she had other ideas than making cookies in round ball shapes). We spent the morning on the porch before the heat drove us indoors. We had a lovely evening meal with our neighbors and spent time in their pool!

No sewing has been done in awhile unfortunately, despite my best attempts. Although I have many plans and projects to complete before our trip, I guess we’ll just have to see what gets done. Gabriel and I have a trip to thrift store to scrounge for materials planned this weekend. We’re even having new floors installed in the trailer before our trip – so exciting!

And I have a strange desire to rearrange the playroom..after reading this post!

Here’s hoping for a smooth week! And for mama to get lots of rest somehow!


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