Gabriel’s 1st Jam Session

It’s not officially summer until we make jam.  You have to wait until the good fruit is available…good fruit = good jam.  My neighbor (the one who is always bring me plants!) brought me a box of peaches from the peach tree at his work.  I managed to find time to pit them and that was it – they sat in the fridge for a few days. I needed to gather my canning supplies and replenish – getting new lids and more pectin.

Then one morning, it was time to make a small batch of peach jam!  I pureed the peaches and added the sugar, water, lemon juice, and pectin and let it cook for awhile.  And then cooked some more…while I nursed Gabriel. I used the low sugar recipe as usual. The jars were warming in the dishwasher, and the lids were in a bowl with warm water. Pandora was playing some fun tunes and the birds were chirping SO loudly outside!

a sheet for this bassinet is nearly completed on my sewing table!


Gabriel, feed and content, fell back asleep in his little bassinet on the kitchen table… I filled the dozen jars I had cleaned and three of the freezer jam jars (for immediate eating & freezing). He slept through the sound of jars PINGING throughout the next hour, while I ordered some brown kraft labels for my canning jars online. I first read about the brown kraft label idea here – such a simple and elegant idea, so much better than those country looking labels that come with the jars. Taproot did include hand-drawn lovely canning labels in this month’s issue, I didn’t feel up to photocopying and then taping them on the jars.


Then he woke up and was content to watch me organize the jars so I could take a few pictures of him in his bouncy chair before demanding his lunch. Small batches of jam, and a lovely slow morning making jam. I couldn’t have done all the steps in one morning (it would have been too much work), but this was just right.



What a sweetie!  And the jam – it is divine! Next week we’ll make more jam with friends…summer is here my friends! Let the jam making begin!


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