busy hands

I began this post on the day I went to labor and realized I never published it! I’m still working on the quilt, but wanted to share this. I did manage to make all twenty one squares while in early labor! Now I just need to piece the whole thing together!

I’m working on a quilt for Sophia. Ambitious, perhaps, given this baby is due any moment. Mostly, I had this strong desire that I had to make this quilt. It’s going to be a double-sided quilt, with a different quilt design for each side. One side is what I’m calling the “storybook princess” side, with linear clusters of Heather Ross’s storybook fabric – sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, the owl & the pussy cat, and others. The design was inspired by the Stacking Coins pattern found in More Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.

The other side is satisfying my desire to make another pink and green quilt. What can I say, pregnancy cravings are not limited to food only (at least for me!) Ladies who are expecting – if you end up having a girl – I WILL make one for you, as promised. But five months is a long time for me to wait! And Sophia will most definitely approve of a pink quilt for her NOW.

I found ten fat quarters with pinks, yellows, and oranges at the local store and added three more fabrics by designers I like into the mix.

It’s vibrant! I decided I wanted to start making some sort of modified log cabin quilt,  a much more ambitious quilt design than I done in the past. I now have eleven squares made, with nine more to go. I figured out the rest of the quilt last night…

don’t worry – this probably only makes sense to me… 🙂

I have other projects I’d like to finish before this baby comes – some are more gifts for Sophia, little things for her like pajamas and clothes for her baby.  And maybe a dress for me… Meanwhile, I’m just resting and waiting for this baby to decide when to be born.  And creating lovely things while I wait.


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