long weekend

The weather was lovely this weekend – we even had the air conditioning turned off – unheard of for late May! This allowed us to spend time on the porch and for me to have some time in the garden, harvesting some lovely fruits and herbs for dinner. Sophia had fun with her bike and playing in her pool. Gabriel ate, slept, pooped, and well, that’s about it! But he sure was cute! Our long weekend began on Thursday, since Sophia’s school was out early. We had several play dates with friends with all that free time!

there was a small amount of tomatoes left to be harvested – after the birds and Sophia got to them!



Happy birthday today to my MIL Kathy and happy birthday to me tomorrow! To celebrate, I ordered myself a nice dress that I hope can be used while nursing (for our big trip) from Boden (it’s amazing how many of my summer dresses cannot be used to nurse, sadly), and I’ll pick up some cupcakes from the new bakery down the road from us tomorrow. I know Sophia will really like those cupcakes too!


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