Gabriel – one month

Gabriel is one month old – how quickly the time has flown by! I swear, it was just yesterday I was pregnant and wondering when this little one would come!

A few things to note:

  • Gabriel now weighs 8 pounds 10.5 ounces, up from his birth weight of 7 pounds 9 ounces.
  • He’s nursing like a champ (see above bullet!)
  • He doesn’t really get fussy like Sophia did, but does have periods where he likes to nurse endlessly…I think it’s more using me as a pacifier thing than eating, although, sometimes, he really is eating every hour during this time.
  • He loves to be held. Non-stop if you would please!
  • He smiles – and it just makes you melt.
  • His big sister likes to pick out his outfits each morning.
  • He’s a spitter – after he eats.  It gets messy.

We’ve settled into something of a routine, which I am sure will change once I’ve said that out loud and written it down. We do our nightly (or every other night) bath (either before or after Sophia and I take our shower as well), and then I nurse Gabriel while Jon reads library books to us. Sometimes Gabriel will go right to sleep, other times, he just wants to nurse for quite a while…

real manly men take baths in pink bath tubs!

Sophia will go to bed and we’ll stay up to watch a show, with Gabriel nursing or sleeping on me.  Afterwards, it’s off to bed – and with any luck, he’s asleep for a couple of hours before wanting to eat again. He’s sleeping in longer stretches, for a couple of hours or so at a time before nursing and then going back to sleep. This means I’m getting a bit more sleep! Gabriel will nurse again in around 4 am, 5 am, or 6 am, depending on when he last ate…and I will go back to sleep until 7:30 or so. Unless it’s a day for Jon to take a bike ride or go for field work, then I’ll get up with Sophia (which is usually a few minutes after I get Gabriel back to sleep!)

breakfast time!

Mornings are our best time (note: Sophia is still going off to school until the end of June, when our routine will change up again – we’ll be off on our July airstream adventure!). We have breakfast and then decide Gabriel and I how to spend our morning. Maybe we’ll do a little bit of sewing or do a grocery run. Or we’ll have friends over for a visit. Soon it’s time for lunch and then it’s off for a long nap, if we’re lucky! Sophia is home by 4 pm and we’re getting dinner ready, if I didn’t already do it in the morning, and having dinner as a family. Gabriel either nurses or sleeps through dinner. We sometimes have to fight to get Sophia to eat enough dinner (not the best time ever for any of us). Sometimes, it just depends on what’s for dinner…this past week, she’s really liked everything – especially when we offer those rice krispy treats (for dessert) that Mom bought that we kinda bribe her to eat her dinner…

After dinner, Gabriel can be a little fussy – a bit gassy, despite using those gas drops. Daddy gets a turn with the little man. We might sit on the porch, Jon and Sophia and Lucy may go for a walk, or we might just hang out in the playroom in the air conditioning.  Depends on how hot it is outside, and how much energy we all have (well, how much energy everyone other than Sophia has!)

And then the evening bath time begins it all again…


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