play dough

I have been wanting to make play dough for some time now (for Sophia) and while my sister was visiting, it seemed like a good time as any! I turned to Sew Liberated for a plan (my guide for all things Montessori)and put together a small sculpting kit for Sophia and Sedona to play with. I will expand this kit once I manage to get out to the thrift store.  I used this recipe for the play dough, which also has great ideas for a sculpting kit.

Sophia is able to get the play dough and the kit out by herself (a key thing when I’m busy with Gabriel) and puts it away by herself with a reminder. I need to get some canvas for her to use as a mat, but in all, the whole thing works pretty well.  I hate regular play dough (the smell bothers me), but this doesn’t.  I was even thinking of adding some essential oils to the play dough to make it smell nicer…wonder if that will work!


Here’s a video of Sophia telling me all about her play dough creation!



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