Some sewing projects

While Hank was here, I was able to do some sewing projects.  It may have taken me three tries to get the sling almost right, but it did get done finally! This blog post was my inspiration (and had great photos for step-by-step instructions) and then used this blog for additional directions – both were great!

I need to make a sling for Jon (though this one might fit him), and hopefully I can decipher the instructions again (not sure what my problem was – I measured incorrectly first, and then couldn’t figure out how to cut the curve…)

I also made a simple skirt with a pocket for myself, which I wore for our family photos. I like it, but plan to make another couple of skirts with less elastic and fabric.

I also made a few diaper changing table cloths – don;t know what I was thinking only making one… I made four more but forgot to make them a double thickness, so I will need to visit the serger again to remedy this fact…

And for some soon-to-be made projects – some light-weight pants for Gabriel!

In other news, Lucy (the dog) turned 9 this week.  Here’s a video of Sophia and Jon singing her happy birthday! And Happy birthday to her brother Jimmy as well!


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