a visit from gram & papa

My parents came for a short visit this weekend – and my dad was sure to tell me that this was the prime to time to have that baby! Well, baby did not make an appearance, as you might have guessed!

sophia and gram playing with bubbles

After the last rain storm a few weeks ago, we noticed a leak around our skylight in the bathroom. Jon and Dad checked it out and found that we had several areas in need of repair, so they spent half a day fixing the roof. Then they were able to begin working on the truck rack improvements, like the addition of expanded metal over the entire rack (we plan on using this space for storage of clothing tubs and whatnot on our trips), two custom bike racks mounted on the sides of the rack, and installing the kayak “seats” so that the kayak can be secured to the truck rack. Many thanks to my dad for working so hard on his weekend off!

The truck rack now weighs a ton and it’s mounted right above my car….  We managed to drag the guys away from their work and went out to dinner at Zin Burger.  Sophia was the only one who managed to eat her entire burger – she devoured it!

It was quite warm this weekend, almost 100 degrees. After nap time, Sophia and I put our swimsuits on, played in the kiddee pool, and ate fruit bars to stay cool. We’re trying not to turn the AC on until we have to…but man, it was hot! I had a fan on me at all times!


Meanwhile,Panda has decided to play the role of “new baby” until the baby arrives…luckily, Sophia is more focused on dressing up her dolly than Panda. I don’t think Panda will tolerate being swaddled!


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