the waiting game

I thought I’d share an update on the baby progress, since emails have gotten numerous! Baby is due on April 27, next Friday.  I (or is it baby?) have been showing signs of progressing towards labor, with some dilation and some minor (and more prominent at times) labor pains (which seem to have tapered off this week). All of this is a good sign that baby is working on coming out on its own. As you might recall, Sophia was happy to stay put for as long as possible and actually didn’t want to come out. We had a difficult time with her, that stubborn girl! Luckily, this baby seems to be taking a different tack, which is not to say that things will go differently necessarily this time – each labor and pregnancy is different! I can tell I’ve come a long way since Sophia!

I am hoping to VBAC and avoid another cesarean. My doctor is willing to let me go past my due date (yea!) by at least a week, maybe even longer (by a day or so) if things look good with baby. That would take us to May 3…when my father-in-law is scheduled to arrive (again, yea! for help!!!)  We’ll see where we are on May 1, but we (my doctor and I) have a tentative agreement that I could possibly go in for a cesarean on May 2, if things haven’t where we’d like them to be. But maybe we’ll be able to wait a few more days if things look good. Really, we have no idea what is going to happen and the most important thing is to bring this baby into the world safely. By whatever means necessary if need be.

But for now, we’re just waiting (somewhat patiently) for baby to make its way into this world. I’m trying to enjoy these last days of being pregnant, feeling this little life moving around (all the time!) inside of me and know I’ll get to hold this little one soon enough. I’m trying not to focus on the uncomfortable aspects, such as numb hands and arms, the continuing nausea, or the fact I cannot sit or lay down for long and get comfortable at all!

So, there’s the update and here’s a picture of a very large 39-week pregnant belly shot for you! I didn’t see how I was going to get bigger when I was 36 weeks, but here we are! It’s all belly.


3 thoughts on “the waiting game

  1. Aunt JoAn

    May 2nd was Aunt Jeanne’s BD…that would be AWESOME if the baby was born that day. Of course any day is a good day! 🙂 I am sure you are past ready! Looking marvelous!

  2. deserthomespun

    My thoughts exactly on May 2!! It’s been something I was hoping baby would aim for (well, a natural birth date to aim for!) since we found out we were expecting!

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