my first serger projects

After the monumental task of setting up the serger (which really wasn’t that monumental – just a lot of work for this pregnant gal to get down on my knees and fit beneath my sewing table!), I had to narrow down my choices for my first serger project.

I decided to make the Rie dress by Megan Nielsen (with no sleeves), using a stretchy knit fabric I found at SAS.  Three new things for me to do: new pattern, new fabric type, and the serger! Exciting!

Well, while the pattern wasn’t a huge success, I did get to practice my serger skills. Not that there was anything wrong with the pattern – it’s super easy and the instructions are the clearest and most detailed I’ve seen in a long time. It’s more I think the result is better suited for pajamas than wearing it outside the house. I cut out an XL, which I then cut down to a large.

super attractive, i know! the purple slippers make the outfit!

I then decided to try again, this time using some voile-like Lisette fabric on major sale at Jo-Ann’s. I cut out a large this time…and the dress is sewn perfectly!  There was one small problem: it wouldn’t fit over my chest!  Well, it did get over it, but it wouldn’t lay correctly. I think this pattern really needs to be used with stretchy fabrics. Luckily, I have a petite friend who has a birthday coming up in mid-May who I usually hand-down clothes to.  Maybe she’ll get more use of out it!

I do plan on trying this pattern once more with stretchy fabric…so stay tuned!

You may think I’m rather disappointed by how these projects have turned out, but honestly, I feel like my serger skills are much further along that where they were in the first place – and that makes me happy. I have made some rather successful patterns using the serger – such as these simple skirts that take 10-15 minutes to make. The fabrics were found at SAS for a song. I made a couple of them for Sophia and one for my friend’s daughter.

They are by far the simplest thing I have ever made!The serger makes them quick and more professional looking than the first one I made. I just use a rolled hem for the bottom and an overlock stitch for the top & side – then fold over the waistband, add a label, and use the regular sewing machine to sew around the waistband. Threading the elastic takes the most time, but it’s really fast in comparison to some things like cutting out fabric! Close the waistband seam and that’s it!

I can’t wait to make myself some of the simple skirts for summertime once I have a waist again!


One thought on “my first serger projects

  1. I wondered about that serger every time I come to your house! I love my serger too. I use it on almost every project. Those skirts are super cute!

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