Old man winter came to visit one last time this weekend. We woke to gentle rain falling on the roof and an almost-three year old who was up at 6 am.  The rain was nice… Up in the mountains, it was snowing.  Unbelievable for April – but it does happen. Sophia and I decided to make a quick store run for some cupcake-making necessities (rain boots and rain jacket at the ready!) and felt the need for hot chocolate. It was her first hot chocolate and she loved it! Right up until she spilled it all over the carport – oops! The rest of the day was spent doing a bit of sewing, cupcake-making (not perfected just yet, but much improved from last time), and cuddling.  A lovely day!

gimme me some chocolate and no one gets hurt!


the new rain boots


it's cold and rainy outside, therefore, you must wear your swimsuit!


The next day Sophia had her friends over. The kids had fun in the pool, made mud pies, and played non-stop. They especially enjoyed the cupcakes, even if I think they were not chocolatey enough. Next time we’ll see… After a much-needed nap, Jon taught Sophia how to play horseshoes outside on the porch and I finished the baby’s knit blanket I’ve been working on this entire pregnancy.

It’s not the best knitting project ever (it would have been nice for all the squares to be the same size!), but it’s finished, warm, and made with love.  That’s all that matters!  It’s kind funny how long a knitting project can take me…and once it’s done – I’ve immediately begun another knit blanket for baby…something tells me that the baby will be here before this one is finished (given my knitting speed and my pregnancy-related numb hands), but who knows!

I knit each skein into a square, casting on either 25 or 30 stitches (I tended to forget in between each square, which accounts for the variations). I then sewed all the squares together. I have almost a whole skein left of the oatmeal color, so I may do some decorative crocheting around the edges.


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