what’s growing in my garden

Spring must be arriving all over blog land, what with all the posts about gardens!  We’re quite lucky here to have had a garden growing this past winter and spring…I know many people have to make do without.

You might be wondering where Sophia’s garden is…she actually has a pot of soil that she can dig in anytime she wants, with her own tools. She helps tend to the growing plants (or rather, help herself to the fruits of the growing plants), but she’s more interested in digging that planting right now. And that’s fine.

My stock and sweet peas are finally blooming and I’ve been eating fresh peas straight from my chair on the patio for weeks.

While the winter herbs and leeks are still growing strong, I decided to get a couple of summer plants in before the new baby arrives. I’m mostly container gardening at the moment – it’s just too much work to dig in my beds. Plus, I need another truck load of compost for the beds and that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon – it’s just too much for me to do!

Here’s a few pictures of the small “summer” garden.

I’ve planted two types of cherry tomatoes (Sophia loves nothing better than to eat tomatoes right off the plant), basil, strawberries (again, mostly for Sophia, although I’m hoping to get a few strawberries myself this year!) I would like to add a cucumber plant as well.

anyone wanting to come do some weeding, i have just the place!

I haven’t found the energy to dig up all the leeks (and dandelions) and plant more “summer” plants in the beds. Mostly I blame the lack of energy, but also, we do plan on getting away for a couple of months at a time this summer and fall. It’s hard enough to grow food here in the summer when you are physically present…it’s even harder when your neighbors are going to take care of your place while you’re gone.Even if he’s a horticulturist – I don’t want to make too much work for him!!!

I did add a number of drought-tolerant plants to the rest of the garden before we held that big celebration a few weeks back.  They are in bloom right now and it makes me so happy to see them!  Here’s hoping they survive the summer!

the penstemons are self-seeding around the pond!!

I’ve compensated by adding another herb bed in the garden near the cactus garden.  I moved some of m y larger herb pots to this area as well. Here I’ve planted another lavender shrub, marjoram, catnip, thyme, tarragon, hyssop, and a couple other herbs whose names escape me.  I also planted a red salva for color (it’s also drought-tolerant).

While I’d like to add more fruit trees, the risk of them dying while we are away is too great. I’ll wait until the fall and plant some more then. In the meanwhile, I’m sitting on my patio, enjoying the view!


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