james and karima

My brother James has lived in Germany for a number of years. The last time we saw him (and Karima) was our wedding six years ago!  They came for a visit to Arizona since my brother will be attending Army flight school in Alabama for the next year and a half. While we didn’t get much time together, the time we had was great.  It only took Sophia about twenty minutes to warm up to her uncle and aunt that previously she’d only seen on skype.

uncle james the jungle jim
he made bubbles!
she even wanted to dress like him - in khaki shorts

We lucked out with an extra afternoon with Uncle James after Karima flew home. Sophia and Uncle James played with bubbles and rode her bike.

auntie karima warned sophia that the hot sauce was HOT!

We went up Mt. Lemmon for a picnic lunch. Sophia had a blast throwing pine cones in the stream and exploring with Uncle James. She seriously wanted to do everything with him – and only him.  Which worked out nicely for Karima and I to catch up!

If he wasn’t around (say he left the room to use the bathroom), she freaked out – demanding we produce him immediately!  He is a such a natural when it came to playing with Sophia. Whatever she wanted to do, they did it – and he never looked bored or got tired of it… Is is any wonder she adores him?

karima, sophia, & james

karima, me, and the belly!

We hope to see James a bit more often now that he’s in the states for a little while. But realistically, he’ll be in school and probably won’t get much time off. I know he’ll want to head back to Germany to see Karima when he does get time off. He did promise it won’t be another six years before we get together again!


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