a weekend of celebrations

Six years ago yesterday, I was fortunately enough to marry the man I love more than anyone…until our darling Sophia joined us and our hearts grew even more. I’ve uploaded some of my favorite wedding shots onto flickr. It was such a lovely wedding!

We celebrated by having a rare evening dinner out (just the two of us!) at Hacienda del Sol. It was lovely – we sat on the patio and just had a delightful time!  Such yummy food, great company, and even a band! So many thanks to our friends Amy and Sam for watching Sophia – she had a blast as always with their boys!

It was also Easter weekend – a holiday we usually celebrate only in the sense that we have a great dinner of lamb! We are not religious by any means, but this year I decided it was time for Sophia to have an Easter basket filled with goodies (plus, I was craving peanut butter-chocolate eggs from Trader Joes!) She opened her basket while we skyped with my family so they could share in the fun!

She, naturally, loved the basket of goodies. Mostly, I think she loved the chocolate bunny. She proceeded to eat most of its head before we took it away. (I too enjoyed the chocolate eggs!)

Then she moved on to the next most important thing – her new swimsuit! I had found a disney-themed swimsuit and cover-up at Costco for far less than I could make it, so I went ahead and got it. I thought I had bought it a bit on the large size…nope – 4T fits just right for my long-torso little girl.  What a growing girl! We thoroughly tested the swimsuit out in the pool!


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