sophia’s first haircut*

*Sophia’s first non-mama haircut!


Friday, Sophia went for her first haircut. I took her to my hairstylist, simply because I wanted a good cut that I can then replicate at home. With the new baby coming and all of our trips we have planned, Sophia’s long hair that she refuses most days for me to brush just wasn’t going to do. The super cute curls are gone today, but I am sure after her hair is washed, they’ll be back, just less straggly.




She was amazing in the chair. Sure, she wiggled a bit (she is two, after all!), but she really seemed to enjoy the whole process. Except for the blow drier…she had to cover her ears! Afterwards, she got two pieces of candy from the hairstylist AND we stopped on the way home for gelato!  What a treat!!


2 thoughts on “sophia’s first haircut*

  1. Amy

    I love it! Looks great, and will be so much easier…and maybe now that she’s gotten a taste of the hairstyling, she’ll let you brush it 😉

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