it’s about time!

After sitting inside the box for over a year, someone finally took the time to get the serger set-up on the sewing table! Not only that, someone learned how to thread the darn thing… My big plans of changing out the threads often to coordinate with fabrics were dashed a bit after learning how to thread the machine (and it’s not as simple as a regular machine). But maybe with practice it will be…and after I buy 4 of each spool of thread in the same color (oh my!) Thank goodness for SAS!

And what will the first project be? Hmmm….so much to choose from!


2 thoughts on “it’s about time!

  1. congratulations! i recently learned how to use mine, too. i found out a trick to avoid re-threading when changing colours/etc – leave the machine all threaded, cut the thread at the top by your cones (leave a long tail sticking out of the machine), then tie your new thread to the old thread in a tiny but secure knot and run it through – it works almost every time. yay!

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