it’s not perfect, but does it need to be?

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago and asked how her sewing projects were coming along.  She confessed to me that she hasn’t sewn anything in months, even though she has all the materials she needs to make a specific project that could add to much to her space. She just felt she didn’t have the time to do the project as perfectly as she had planned in her mind, and therefore, she just didn’t want to get started.

I could completely relate.  Who wouldn’t?  Who doesn’t have projects they haven’t started (or finished), or even beautiful fabric they refuse to cut into for fear of making an expensive mistake?

That conversation got me thinking – does it really matter if everything we make turns out exactly as we wanted?   Yes, it is hard when our perfect fabric or project does not get completed as we wanted it to be, but…is the process of making something more important? I decided to take my joy in the process of creating this week without worrying if the projects turned out “right” or “perfect”.  I just wanted to use some of my pretty fabric to make pretty things out of the “eyesore” projects I’ve been meaning to do…but felt like I didn’t have the “time” or energy to make them “perfect”.

Projects such as making new pillow slip covers in the playroom and three slip covers for the patio chair cushions.  Nothing too difficult or time-consuming, but having both projects finished would make my world more beautiful.

I made simple envelope-style pillow and cushion covers. They are not “perfect” by any means, but they do bring a simple joy every time I see them.  No longer am I thinking – I really need to make time to recover those cushions or pillows, they are so ugly! I’m thinking of the relaxing afternoons I spent making them, and enjoying how pretty they make the playroom or patio (in spite of the mess that surrounds them!)  Simple joys. I  think we should all try to find more ways to bring simple joy into our lives.  Just think how lovely that would be!


3 thoughts on “it’s not perfect, but does it need to be?

  1. I sometimes worry about having my projects turn out flawed or imperfect. I think part of that is because I spent so long with so little money that the thought of buying the materials for something and not having it turn out the way I wanted seemed like such a waste. It was good if I could get thrifted material to practice with, because then I spent less money and got plenty of practice for when I’d eventually use higher-quality materials. And it’s hard to get out of that mindset.

    But now I realize that the only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice, and even if something doesn’t turn out perfectly, that doesn’t mean it still can’t be used and doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn a lesson for next time. I enjoy making things for the sake of making them. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be making things for sale!

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