nursery teasers

I have been working hard on bringing the nursery together and wanted to share some more pictures! The knob solution arrived and I am really happy with the way it turned out…even if it took the better part of an hour to install them.

please ignore the blue tape (it's holding the glued parts together right now) - i somehow broke part of the drawer trying to carry it down the hallway and bumped into the wall. pregnant lady waddling....look out!


I really wanted to use those knobs I found deeply discounted at Anthropologie, but my drawers had two holes drilled. Not only that, but the holes were placed an irregular distance apart (two inches). What’s a gal to do but go to Benjamin Plumbing Supply after seeking out every other possible option in town and online for two inch wide drawer pulls?  I explained my problem and after five minutes, we had an answer.  Just cover up those dang holes and use the knobs I wanted in the first place!  These oval-shaped hole covers (I think they are actually called back plates?) just cover the holes and I drilled a new hole for the knobs to fit through. After drilling the knob hole, I then had to nail the itty-bitty nails, using a needle nose pliers to hold the nails into the covers, and re-install the knobs.

I made a poof using the Lisette fabric I found at Jo-Ann’s…but the poof is a bit too large.  Really large. And a little misshaped, according to Jon. But perfect for Sophia’s purposes… I figure she’ll mush it into shape. I think I’d like it better if it were all in the printed fabric and smaller, but it works for now.

the poof is over in the corner for right now...until sophia gets home and drags it back to her playroom

I also made a crib sheet – I even let Jon pick the fabric!  I used MADE’s tutorial.  My fabric was two inches short in terms of width of what she said to use, it works perfectly (I measured the crib mattress first).  And it is so lovely to look at!


I know the cats will find this empty crib delightful soon…they already take turns in the newly slip-covered chair.  Just wait until I bring the bassinet inside!

I even dyed some stained oneies and Momma shirts…using some lovely gender-neutral colors…well I think so anyways. Teal, Kelly Green, and Purple.  Some turned out better than others…

I hung the artwork and am now trying to decide which fabrics to use for my circular white frames.  It’s hard to make a decision! I still have a few more things I want to sew, but the room is coming together.  I think I will need to sew the curtains I bought – they are NOT the same length and it’s driving me crazy every time I walk in the room (they are off by an inch or so… crazy pregnant lady here).

I’ll do a big nursery reveal soon…


2 thoughts on “nursery teasers

  1. Trinka

    LOVE the knob solution, and everything looks great! I might have to recruit you to sew me a crib sheet :). Although I’m sure you’ll have your hands full by September!

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