Why is so hard (for me anyways) to find a good cupcake recipe?  I have a great one for red velvet cake, but it does call for buttermilk and sometimes, that’s just too complicated.  I just want to find a good recipe for vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and a good non-fussy butter cream frosting that isn’t too sweet. Of course I could have gone to my Cake Bible and figured our something by making a SMALL portion of the huge cakes, but I was being lazy.

I tried a new chocolate cupcake recipe this weekend that actually tasted good before going into the oven…where it failure spectacularly. I’ve never had this particular implosion happen before!

I then turned to Ms. Martha to find a simple vanilla cupcake recipe and found one. Her recipe called for making three dozen – far more than I wanted to make. I just halved the recipe and it worked fine.

But then making frosting was becoming a nightmare. A simple chocolate butter cream on Martha’s site seemed to require far too much butter (four to six sticks!!!) and egg whites. I ended using a recipe that was far to sweet for me (Sophia of course LOVED it) and it was sugary and grainy. No amount of whipping it made it smooth.

Why all this fuss about making cupcakes when I could have bought a mix from the store and called it done?  Well, have you read the ingredients on the cake mixes? Every single on has high fructose corn syrup in it – even single one. And so do the frosting cans. Plus a bunch of things I cannot pronounce. I’m not trying to act like a food snob here, it’s just I don’t want those things in our bodies. It should be easier to make a batch of cupcakes using real ingredients than it is to drive to a store and by a ready-made box of who-knows-what. And with a little girl that is rather partial to cupcakes, I’d be happiest knowing what is in those cupcakes and being comfortable. Plus, I’d prefer to pass on real cooking skills to Sophia, rather than reach for packaged food as a means of feeding ourselves. Not that I don’t use package foods at times – who doesn’t? But not all the time nor every day.

i had to take away the sprinkles...

Don’t even get me started on PINK sprinkles. Sometimes, you have to pick your battles…unless someone has a recipe for making PINK sprinkles???


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