A Rainy Sunday

After days of glorious mid-80’s weather, Sunday brought cooler temperatures and rain. It’s especially nice, given that our next rains will not likely come until June or July. It was winter’s way of trying to hold on!

lounging after working hard in the yard

We spent Saturday working in the yard, and Sunday was spent on the porch, wrapped in blankets. We did some baking (and had some spectacular failures), but beer bread and cupcakes were eventually completed. Sophia was quite pleased about the cupcakes and PINK sprinkles. We made them to celebrate Grampy Pelletier’s birthday on Sunday. Sorry we didn’t send you any Grampy!

chocolate cupcake batter - tasted good, but failed miserably in the oven


vanilla cupcakes, beer bread, and two-potato soup



We ended the day with a soak in the hot tub, watching the steam rise up in the cool air. A bowl of two-potato soup (sweet potatoes & golden potatoes), and a slice of homemade beer bread warmed our tummies (Jon likes to spicy it up with Cholula). And if we’re lucky, today will be another day of cooler temperatures and rain to enjoy before the heat comes.



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