sophia’s simple elephant skirt

Sophia usually likes to change her clothes several times in morning before we leave before school (and this little habit of hers can drive you up the wall…) She often likes to change into something similar to what I’m wearing…i.e.: a dress or a skirt.  Sophia has only two skirts in her closet.  She demanded asked nicely if I could make her more skirts. I found MADE’s simple skirt to be a quick easy guide.

Sophia selected the fabric (woven cotton elephant print I found at Jo-Ann’s that was going to be for a new dress for her) and off I went sewing. A half hour later, she had a skirt. Which she did not want to wear at that exact moment, but thanks momma!


Luckily, Sophia decided that the skirt was perfect to wear the next day to school, but only with her “ABC” shirt (that’s what she calls anything with letters on it, but in this case, she specifically meant her PINK CUTE shirt). Thank goodness we have two of these shirts for some reason…she’ll resort to wearing this shirt straight from the dirty clothes bin if she has to!

Next time I plan on taking the elastic waist band in a bit more (the new elastic I have is rather stretchy and I had to re-size the elastic twice here). Annoying! But Sophia thinks the skirt is perfect for jumping and twirling.

She’s already asked for a purple skirt next…I better get to it! She needs some new sun hats as well…


2 thoughts on “sophia’s simple elephant skirt

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