more projects checked off


Jon busy earlier this week lining the wash behind the airstream trailer area with river rock – to link up the existing river rock lining the wash in the backyard.  I planted some agaves in the back yard – we still need to plant many more plants to fill in the empty spaces.

I borrowed Jon’s truck to get some red gravel for the front yard and probably shouldn’t have unloaded the half ton of rock all by myself…I’m a bit exhausted now. The rock is waiting to be spread from the ten or so little piles I made around the cactus…which will happen once I have some energy again!

I finished the changing table project and am quite happy with how it turned out. Even if the seam ripper had to come out & play for a bit while I was working on it.  I can remove the cover as needed and even made a few changing table cloths to cover and protect the main table during little accidents.

I’m working on a “poof“, also known as a “gumdrop pillow” for the nursery (for my feet while sitting in the chair), using some fabric from the Lisette Collection– “White Medallions On Muted Gold Twill” that I found at Jo-ann’s on major mark down. There was not quite enough of the fabric to do the entire poof, so I’m working on making it work with some cream colored fabric. Here’s what the fabric looks like – but the yellow is really much more golden yellow than the picture.

I really like how the yellow color of the poof will pick up the yellow in the slipcover. That slipcover was kinda pain to make…if you haven’t made a slipcover before, let me tell you – make sure to measure every piece 10 times. Okay, maybe not 10, but at least three or so.   I measured twice and still made mistakes on the shapes! And I had just enough fabric to make it happen. Sophia or Caroline the cat are most often found in the chair.

chair pictured with turquoise ottoman I found at target

I’m getting closer to finishing the nursery…I’m looking forward to sharing it with you! I still have artwork to hang, sheets to make, and a decision to make on the mobile. My knob solution should arrive sometime next week (and this was a BIG pain!)  And only six more weeks until D-day!


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