this weekend

34 weeks

This weekend saw the completion of a few big projects.

  • The backyard and side yard were transformed from a big massive overgrown jungle to a place you could actually walk through (we hired out for most of the job, but Jon did do a fair bit of work – between the tree trimming and additional weed removal).
  • Two big nursery sewing projects went from ideas and fabric to slipcovers, (with a few more on the way!)
  • Jon bought a 17 foot kayak! Now he’s trying to figure out when we can work in a trip to the nearest body of water…
  • My maternity tank tops no longer completely cover this belly!  Not sure if that’s really a milestone or just an interesting state of clothing, but I’m 34 weeks this week.  Getting closer to the big day!
  • Sophia enjoyed running around all the large open areas, riding her trike into the dog, and playing with chalk on the porch. Sorry there are no photos of her doing any of these things…she’s a tough gal to keep up with!

2 thoughts on “this weekend

  1. I love the slip cover fabric for the chair! And of course your beautiful pregnant figure!

    It must feel so great to get all those projects done. Since my mom has been here I’ve gotten so many crafty projects done.

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