I arrived home from work today to see that the knobs I ordered had arrived!  I quickly put a few on the dresser to see what I thought..

I really like the colors of the ceramic knobs and for anthropolgie – the clearance price can’t be beat!  But, since I’ll need 16 knobs…is it too overwhelming to have that many knobs on one dresser?

Should I just look for some handles instead? Not that anthropolgie will have any for a decent price when I need eight (even though I really like a few handles I saw).

i do like both these handles, but they are too pricey!

2 thoughts on “knobs!

  1. Amy

    I like the knobs! I say, put them all on and snap a pic – but I don’t think it’ll be too much. Otherwise, if you go with handles, I think something simple, maybe with some white, to blend with the knobs. Also, I like the owl print much better now in it’s frame than in the shot from the previous post 🙂

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