weekend round-up

We didn’t really get to enjoy the Rodeo Weekend to its fullest, with my having to work a half day on Saturday and Sophia sick again. Yup, Sophia is sick again, with an ear infection in both ears and a sinus infection to boot! The new antibiotics are upsetting her stomach, so that’s not been so fun for either of us.

My parents came to town today for a short lunch-time visit. It was SO nice to see them, even if only for a couple of hours!

Sophia and I have been on our own since Friday with Jon out of town doing field work in Nevada. The sickness and general crabbiness (on both our parts) didn’t really allow for much fun this weekend, but we found time for the hot tub, gelato, and hanging out on the porch in the sunshine on Sunday. While I had hope to snuggle on the couch and watch Becoming Jane or Pride & Prejudice, Sophia voted for (and won) with Olivia takes BalletSigh. 

The baby’s ARTWORK arrived!!! And was installed – but I’m not sure about the final location of the art just yet. For now, it’s above the mostly-completed dresser…missing the drawers (still drying outside) and knobs.





Nesting is in full swing around here. Little random projects are suddenly VERY important. Like reorganizing the pantry & laundry room. Pulling weeds in the garden. Touching up paint throughout the house. Sterilizing cleaning Jon’s bathroom until it’s so clean, Sophia is even willing to use it! And even mopping the floors (really, it’s insane!). Not that I have lots of energy – it’s just that these little projects are all I can think about when I try to take a nap – I just have to get them done in order to get some rest!


Oh, and the sewing projects that I haven’t gotten to…well, let’s just say that when I work at my desk, I try not to turn around and see the piles of fabrics just begging to be turned into something for baby.  Sometime soon. Really.


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