a working weekend

We had a ton of work to do this weekend. Unlike last weekend and next weekend, when I actually do have to go do real “work“-related events, some of this work was baby-related and some meant going through our camping gear to get things ready for a field class Jon is leaving on Friday for five days. The back porch looked a bit like a REI store…

Sophia did enjoy testing out the tents, unfortunately, she tested them out while we were putting them together (or trying to – it’s been a few years since we’ve actually used the camping gear, ever since we got the airstream). But she sure enjoyed riding her bike around, making impish faces at Momma, while Daddy stained the baby’s dresser.



Yes, we went with staining it, even though I really wanted to paint it. It’s what we had here, ready to go. Ready to go means it could actually go inside the house sooner, and the endless boxes of baby clothes could be unpacked. It does mean we have to use drawer handles instead of knobs, to cover both holes, sadly. But maybe I’ll do some knobs on the top drawer, just to spice things up. And you know what – after the baby is here – if I change my mind – I can always paint it!

And in the baby’s room, the day bed was taken apart and moved out to the porch…requiring a small reorganization and cleaning of the porch. Always a good thing. Sophia and I rather like the bed on the porch for impromptu naps. We need it – especially since our neighbor brought us a wagon-load of plants…which I’ll have to plant sometime this week.

The crib was also put together in the baby’s room and I rearranged the furniture a bit. It’s definitely coming together – and to compensate for not painting the dresser, I’m going to make a slipcover for the chair. It’s a nice blue color, but the chair itself is looking a bit ratty. I still need to figure out what to use my fun bird fabric for – it’s too light-weight for a slipcover. Perhaps the changing table pad.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

On the pregnancy front, here’s what 31+ weeks looks like:

perhaps i shouldn't be wearing stripes...I was pretty exhausted at this point


The morning sickness has turned into nausea, which is an improvement (would you rather throw up all the time or just feel like throwing up occasionally? I thought so). I’m not longer eating everything in sight, which is kinda nice.  And baby is super active all the time – really. Movements, kicks, you name, this kid is doing it! Not so great at 2 am, but hey.  It’s nice to know this little one likes his or her current home. It I’m just trying to enjoy the joys of carrying this little one inside me for awhile longer, knowing we aren’t planning on having more than two kids. Because once they start to outnumber you, well, life is hard enough!


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