happy hearts day

You may have wondered where we’ve been lately!  Well, we’ve been sick.  Again. Or still. Depends on your perspective, I guess. Sophia’s sinus & ear infections went away, and then she was sent home from school with a fever yesterday. A fever that went away rather quickly, thankfully. But my infection has only gotten worse, and now Jon seems to have my cough as well.

there's been much napping in momma's bed

Jon and I both had to work this weekend (but not at the same time thankfully). I did feel well enough for a short while on Sunday to make Sophia a Valentine’s day dress (which she didn’t get to wear to school today, since she had to stay home). She did get wear it out to a work-related dinner we went to on Sunday evening. She’s quite taken with the heart-shaped felt pockets. She paired the dress with pink tights and dark pink shoes.  Quite lovely. It’s just a simple peasant dress, made with fabric found last month at Jo-Ann’s.

sophia's valentine dress


heart-shaped pockets - sophia's valentine dress


There’s snow on the mountains and it’s quite cold outside. I’m enjoying the cold, knowing that before we know it, it will be hot! A nice pot of soup is on the stove simmering away. Sophia has more energy than anything I’ve seen, so she’s playing while I try to get some work done for classes tomorrow. I’ll post a link to my work blog so you can see what we’re up to – I’m really excited about it.

We won’t be going up to Phoenix this weekend to take care of my mom during her foot surgery as planned, thanks to this lingering sickness – and Sophia and I are really disappointed. Let’s hope this round of sickness passes soon. Oh, and did I mention my morning – or rather, all-day sickness is back?


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