a quiet weekend

Sophia and I, although still sick, decided to do some straightening up around the garden. We had a large number of agaves and plants that needed to get in the ground, courtesy of our neighbor. We (I) dug holes for everything and got them tucked in nicely around the pond (Sophia is rather good at filling the holes in…while I dig them).

After our nap, we decided to visit the neighbors to see if their chicken coop revamp was finished. Their five chickens were eaten by a visiting bobcat a couple of weeks ago.  I gave them some of our super strong wire we used on our coop to help fortify the coop. They had finished it – and were ready for some chickens. I had offered to give them five of our so they wouldn’t have to raise chicks and wait for eggs. After giving us more plants for the garden – we were off to wrangle chickens!


sophia says good bye to the chickies!


our neighbor's newly improved - and hopefully - bobcat-proof chicken house

We had plans with friends this weekend that ended up were cancelled, since Jon woke up rather sick on Saturday. He gradually got worse throughout the day, with fever & chills, so we knew dinner wasn’t going to happen. He was better on Sunday, but spend the day resting. Sophia and I did some more gardening and them I spent most of the afternoon trying to exhaust her so she would take a nap! She finally went down for a short while in the later afternoon, but I woke her up so she wouldn’t sleep for too long.

We switched on the tv to catch the score of the Super Bowl and instead got the halftime show of Madonna.  Sophia immediately got off the couch and announced “I’ve gotta dance!” Well, okay then! After another great episode of Downton Abbey – it was off to bed! Hope your weekend was nice and slow too!


2 thoughts on “a quiet weekend

  1. The picture of your neighbors’ chicken coop caught my eye on the WordPress gardening site. I love seeing this kind of improvised, rustic-looking structure. Tell your neighbors I think it’s awesome! (And it’s great of you to replenish their coop…)

    Also–woohoo for Downton Abbey! 🙂

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