jon’s manly truck rack

Jon and my Dad get to thinking, and then the next thing I know, they have a project. After Jon’s desire for a kayak became apparent to my Dad, he decided we needed a truck rack to hold things like a kayak and other important camping things when we take the airstream out.

They have been designing and planning this rack for months (or so it seems like). Jon did all kinds of research and trips to local storage looking for things like unistrut and the bolts that hold it together. Dad made plans to borrow a welder. They drew and drew and drew designs.  And just like that, their vision came together after one long weekend of work.

dad welding away...

Jon is still painting the truck rack silver and he needs to apply the clear-coat (top-coat?) to the rack.  He also found a truck box on craiglist that is in the process of getting painted – another place to store manly tools and whatnot. And best of all – he’s found a possible 18-foot kayak to look at in town!

Thanks for your help Dad! Oh, and I heard something about flexible metal pouches to attach to the rack to hold large loads firewood (i.e.: more fabricating & welding?)  Is another project in the works?


***updated: my mom requested a picture of the rack actually on the truck..


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