closet makeovers

Before Sophia was born, we had two custom-made shelving units made for the guest room & baby room closets. Sophia’s closet worked fine with this addition, but she liked to get into the extra storage tubs of clothes I had on the floor to play dress-up a little too often. We needed a shelf up high where I could store them out of the way, but easily accessible. I keep all the clothes she’s outgrown in the outside shed (a tale for another day!)

Dad was able to quickly install two brackets into the wall, after chiseling a small bit of wood from the supporting wall mount to make the brackets fit. If we had removed the supporting wall mount, we would have had to remove & replace both the shelving unit and closet rod…not a great idea.  Not hard, just more unnecessary work. Chiseling was a fast and easy option. After a trip to Lowe’s for a wood shelf, and a whirl of the circular saw, Sophia’s closet was all set!

Now for the baby’s room closet. Unfortunately, the placement of the custom-made shelving unit right center in the closet made for some rather narrow side areas to hang clothes. No room for a hamper to fit. Not to mention that it was near impossible to store anything up on top of the shelving unit.

you can kinda see the "before" of the closet

My idea was to move the shelving unit to the side and turn it sideways to fit inside the closet. Then, we could mount a “floating” closet rod with a shelf above.  My dad was rather exciting about the prospects for fabricating some sort of “floating” closet rod bracket…but before he got too excited, I thought we better see if Lowe’s actually had something ready-made. We did measure the closet to make sure the shelving unit would fit on the side…

And what do you know! We found the very bracket we were looking for – without having to fabricate something! I know Dad was bummed, but I was hoping this project would be pretty straight forward…

After finding the studs, installing the brackets, and measuring the shelf…it was time for dinner. Dad thought we only had five minutes of work left to do…moving the custom-made shelving unit over and bolting it to the studs.


Well, we moved the unit over…and it didn’t fit! It turned out the walls (like everything else in this house) are not plumb. The top was 24 inches, the middle was 23 7/8 inches and the bottom was 23 1/2 inches….way off! The opposite side of the closet was even further off!  Dad thought, no problem, we’ll just cut and remove the drywall about 1/2 inch or so to get enough space for the unit. Only instead of drywall tape on the corner…the builders had used metal corner-round!   Dad got out the grinder.

After a very large cloud of dust and smoke, Dad went to work removing the drywall as planned.  My mom arrived around this time and was wondering what in the world Dad was up to! After the cloud of dust had settled (and a fan was placed to blow the dust out the window), we were ready to move the shelving unit into place. And there is NO need to bolt it to the wall – that unit is wedged in tight!  It only took an hour to finish…not exactly the five minutes we thought.



I still need to buy some wood corner-round to install along the edge by the shelving unit to cover where the grinder cut into the wall.  But, the closet looks so much better and is functional now!  Thanks Dad!!!



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