Peasant Dresses for Little Girls

Since Sophia wears the dresses I make to school, we’ve gotten lots of questions about them (nice one!). Like – did you make that? I love the color! And my favorite – can you make one for my daughter? While I’d like to entice more people to learn to sew, I figured by showing them how easy it was to make it (about an hour!)…maybe they’d also want to learn & then love to sew!


I recently made two 2T peasant dresses for a couple of teachers at Sophia’s school. I modified the pattern by Prudent Baby just a touch, but it’s a great guide – and they have a great tutorial.   These dresses have short sleeves (different lengths) and pockets.  Sophia loves pockets, so I figured other girls would too! One dress is in flannel and the other in woven cotton.



I can’t wait to see more little girls in fun dresses~





One thought on “Peasant Dresses for Little Girls

  1. Trinka

    Alexa loves the pockets too… she always picks out the blue and orange dress you made her, because she wants the pockets! Very cute dresses!

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