making room for baby

Jon had a nice office…but it’s going to become the new baby’s room. Out with Jon’s big table and all my extra hats, clothes, and random fabric piles (well, soon my stuff will be removed).

I carved out a little nook in our bedroom for Jon – so he could have a space to call his own.  He can use the airstream as an office if the noise level in the house gets too loud, but this way he has a space just for him, inside the house. I think we may put a shelf up above the desk for him to store papers and whatnot. I know we need to install shelves on my side of the room above my dresser for all my random hats & scarves that will be coming out of the baby’s room.

In with the baby stuff… I’m thinking of leaving the twin bed in the room. Mostly because I don’t know where to store it and it’s nice to have a guest bed ready-made.  Or a place for a tired Momma to collapse after middle-of-the-night feedings.  Panda agrees – he likes the bed in this room.

I was going to paint the changing table. But after sanding the dresser (it took two hours of work!), I’m still exhausted, days later. I’ve decided to just change out the fabric on the foam pad instead of more sanding & painting.  Thanks for the dresser Mom & Dad!

Now to look for nobs!!!

Where we’re going to store Jon’s old desk is unknown. It’s too small to use as a dining room table…and I don’t think we want to get rid of it (well, Jon doesn’t).

Speaking of fabrics, I found a couple of nice fabrics – but am not sure what to use them for. I was thinking I might make some curtains out of this fabric –

But – does it clash with the rug?  I really like the addition of the yellow in the fabric. Sunny and cheerful. Then again, simple white curtains would be lovely. I love birds…again. Not sure why both baby rooms have bird themes…

Instead of painting the changing table, I’ll use this yellow flannel for the foam pad cover. When leads me to think I will use the bird fabric for curtains…when means I need to go get more quick while it’s on sale!

This cotton flannel is destined to become a receiving blanket – as AMH suggested, using cotton voile and cotton flannel.

Scrumptious! I made a test blanket – using some leftover AMH cotton voile from my stash and some blue flannel from SAS.

Simple. Lovely. Perfection.  I adore it.  So much that I’m making a couple as gifts for friends who are expecting their little girl any day now. I’d really like to make one using these fabrics by AMH – but don’t feel like spending money on this when there is more stuff to pick up or find for baby right now…but I may be tempted to. I just love the colors!!

Can you tell I don’t decorate according to what sex the baby is? Yes, we’re not finding out – something I actually struggled with a bit this time. Not because I wanted to know for decorating purposes, but simple because I think we’re having X, which means we’re having Y…or are we???  I cannot figure it out. This pregnancy has been so different – it leads me to believe we may have a different result this time…or maybe not! Guess we’ll find out in late April for sure!


4 thoughts on “making room for baby

  1. Trinka

    For the life of me I can’t decide what to make your expected little one!!! I need to know the gender!!! Maybe I’ll just have to wait until after he/she is born :). You’re probably getting lots of “newborn” stuff anywaym, right?

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