winter beach vacation

We left right after the Christmas holidays for the sunny (and at times, foggy) beaches of Silver Strand in San Diego. My parents and niece also joined us. We spent most of our time on the beach – the girls played in the sand and in the water (despite the cold temperature!) We did leave our beach chairs long enough to visit a few places, notable the San Diego Zoo (where Sophia spend most of her day having a fit for some reason – missing the beach?), the Fish Market restaurant and the downtown area, and the Coronado Brewery.

taking lucy the dog to the beach at night was a blast!



running from the waves


a foggy afternoon


the sunsets were worth the foggy days...


campfires, smores, and sand...what more do you need?


sand angels



sand is still everywhere...



just so you can see how big this belly is getting - i haven't been sick since Christmas!

Sophia just loves the ocean…we can’t wait to go back again soon! Maybe spring break in March before the baby comes in April…



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