holiday cookie party

Sophia and I hosted a few friends over this morning for a holiday cookie decorating party.  The kids decorated cookies, played non-stop, and had a great time.  So did the adults! I only took a few photos, mostly because I was alternating in between rolling out the sugar cookie dough and eating some of the yummy food!

sophia & amy decorating cookies

sophia and her friend eating cookie decorations off the table!

I made a number of treats this year.  Here’s a list:

  • Sugar cookies from Real Simple
  • Ginger Cookies from Real Simple – do not cook for as long as the recipes says  – otherwise you will end up with inedible cookies! 10 minutes max!
  • Peanut butter-oat chocolate cookies from Real Simple
  • Shortbread Cookies from Martha
  • Three Ingredient Fudge from MADE – made with walnuts & pecans
  • Chocolate Tangerine Bars with Clementine Buttercream from MADE – which sadly, did not turn out.


And I still have a few more days until Christmas to make even more cookies!


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