day 7: holiday count-down

As part of the advent calendar, we’re trying to do something every evening on the count-down to Christmas. Last night, it was playing a few endless games of candyland (Sophia’s favorite game). Tonight, with Jon out of town and the fact I’m not feeling so great – Sophia and I are watching Olivia and I’ll make some popcorn.

I’m also trying to do a little bit of crafting every day, even if it’s just for a half hour. I managed to finish Jon’s stocking in the last couple of days. I decided to make all of us new ones, since the ones I had made several years ago reflected my sewing abilities at that time (i.e.: not great!) Not that I think I’m great at sewing now, but I a bit better now than eight years ago!

The new stockings are made from fabric I’ve accumulated throughout the year at SAS or Jo-An’s.  Jon selected a lovely blue snowflake flannel fabric for his stocking. I made a dark blue lining…and then had to think of how to personalize it.  I thought about doing something overly Christmas-y, like snowflakes or reindeer. But I think the fabrics are holiday-themed enough and I want each stocking to reflect each of us. So, for Jon’s stocking – he gets a bicycle!  Perfect!


I really like the two fabrics I selected for Sophia’s and my stockings. Sophia’s fabric is fun, vibrant, and colorful – just like her! Her lining will be white.

I decided to put an owl on her stocking…her name means wisdom and owls are a symbol of wisdom.  I am a bit unsure about the color scheme for the owl…brown for the body or light pink? I want to tie the colors in with the fabric color – but not be overly match-y. Hmmm…


the paper eye is an illustration of the hand embroidery I'm going to need to do!


hot pink - too jarring?


pink owl body?


As for my stocking, I wanted something simple and elegant – classic, but not stuffy. My inspiration is Scandinavian design. I like the simple red and white pattern on the fabric, with the red lining. I’m going to decorate it with various-sized red, white, and maybe some light pink felt flowers, maybe with a small bead in the centers of the flowers.  Simple, but lovely.

Here’s hoping I make time to finished the stocking project before the holiday! After all, I have several other projects (gifts actually!) that would be nice to get finished in time to mail out!

one stocking down, two to sew!





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