December in the Desert

December in the desert is our reward for putting up with the heat of the summer. It’s cold – not too cold – but cold enough to enjoy long walks outside in the sunshine and long evenings in front of the fireplace.  Sophia has found new game she likes to play in the evenings – Candy land. Not the most stimulating game for us, but she loves it. The advent calendar I made is up, filled with small toys, candy, or little cards that say “let’s play candy land” or “let’s make popcorn”.  The calendar is missing some felt numbers, mostly because I miscalculated the number of ones and twos needed AND the fact the Jo-An’s is still completely out of those numbers. I blame the pregnant brain trying to work without enough sleep, thanks to the two-year old who likes to get up during the night.



advent gift - a giraffe ornament

Yup, I’m pregnant with our second child. I was waiting to announce the news, hoping the all-day sickness & gagging I was experiencing would go away…and I think it’s just not going to at this point.  I’m five months along now and there is no end in sight for feeling sick.  I haven’t really gained any weight – I lost 10 pounds the first few months and have just barely gained that back (although I look much further along – they are right – the second shows much sooner and you get much larger!)

advent gift - a horse!


So, in between feeling sick and lazying about, I did manage to make a couple of things – the advent calendar and some gifts that cannot be shown just yet.  I’m working on some new holiday stockings for all of us this year, which I hope to complete before Christmas.   In the meanwhile, we’re enjoying our time together as a family of three.


This weekend took a turn for much colder weather – I had to harvest my basil and tomato plants for the last time before they froze.  It’s crazy to have had these still growing in December! I plan on making some pesto this week.

And we woke up to snow this morning…well, close enough to snow in the desert…

snow in december!


the chickens didn't know what to make of the snow!


I hope you’re enjoying these days in December as much as we are!



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